Go Local, Buy Local

As everyone knows the retail trade is doing it tough at the moment here in the Highlands. The shop owners in Mittagong, Bowral and Moss Vale are not having an easy time which means that there is less money going into the local economy. No-one knows whether it will get better or worse or how long this will last.

But it is not only the local retailers that are having trouble it is also all the other professional services in town as well. We have some great lawyers, accountants, marketing gurus, architects and of course financial advisers here in the Highlands. Professionals who have made the decision to live in the Highlands for lifestyle reasons.

Same goes for tradies, gardeners and builders etc.

Take myself for instance. 80% of my clients are located in Sydney and most of them are pretty savvy individuals. Why do they choose to have an adviser in the Highlands? Because they like to have someone outside the big city who is not distracted by the noise and bustle and the incessant flow of information. Someone who can put everything into perspective from a bit of distance.

With all the changes going on within the financial planning world with major institutions shutting down their operations, having a local not connected to these majors would be ideal.

I also hear far too often that lately many people no longer have any idea who their adviser or planner is or haven’t heard from them.

So my question would be to the listeners. Why not go local and find a local financial adviser? One that has now lived in the Highlands for more than 20 years and has an office in town. Someone who also buys locally.

Pay a local professional and the money then not only goes into the local economy but also helps pay local employees.

Not only that but it is easier to wander into a local office. No train ride to Sydney or battling the M5.

Come in and have a conversation. I welcome everyone to come in have a cup of coffee or tea and have a chat. A chat is free. It costs nothing.

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