Are we guys stupid?

The Wealth Farmer - Are we guys stupid?

How many of us guys all think it would be wonderful to spend more time with our family?

When we enter a relationship we often make the right noises about quality time with partner and children.

However, life is difficult to measure, which is why money is such a simple substitute for happiness.

Do I have a bigger house than I used to? A better car? A fancier title? Earning more money?

Even millionaires think they need more. A 2018 Harvard study asked 4,000 millionaires how happy they were, and how much money they’d need to be perfectly happy. The overwhelming answer? Two or three times more than they currently had.

I spend a lot of time around a lot of older people (some of them very wealthy). And the one regret that keeps coming up is: “I wish I’d spent less time working, and more time with my family.

Initially I did the whole climbing the corporate ladder thing. Then I had a wake-up call. There should be no negotiation around family time. Whether you are employed or self-employed. Take it or leave it.

Now that’s real wealth to me.

So Dad’s. Are you stuck doing what you think you should rather than what you really want to do..? Do you feel like you’re living someone else’s life..? This can eventually lead to regret and frustration, maybe it’s already impacting your relationships, your health and your career. It’s not too late…..

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